Graceland Portable Building

Did you know that each Graceland building comes standard with our exclusive PATENTED SOFFIT VENTILATION SYSTEM?
Cooler, dryer air enters the building from the soffit vents on the sides pushing hot, humid air out through the ridge vent in the ceiling and allowing circulation throughout the entire building.
This allows the building to have optimal ventilation while keeping the building’s interior temperature 10°to 15° cooler and reducing moisture inside during humid summer months.
It’s a great way to protect your tools, electrical equipment, lawnmowers, and recreational vehicles from rust and heat damage. It’s also a great way to protect your storage supplies and your building interior from mold and mildew.
Plus, you’ll feel a lot more comfortable inside our cooler buildings during the hot summer months.
Call your local dealer today to get more information on Graceland’s exclusive PATENTED SOFFIT VENTILATION SYSTEM!